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Aircraft Maintenance

Executive Air’s Maintenance Team will ensure your aircraft to have maximal performance with minimal downtime. Executive Air technicians are dedicated to providing you with accurate cost estimates, daily updates, as well as getting your aircraft back on-time and ready for dispatch. The stringency of our standards comes from our company’s core values and ongoing commitment to servicing excellence. Call to schedule an appointment (920) 498-4880.

Executive Air’s turbine and piston services

  • Phase inspections
  • Structural repairs
  • Airframe inspections and repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Annuals
  • Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Trouble shooting

Executive Air’s provides clients with an on-site full service repair center. With our 14,400 square foot facility we have a team of technicians who are experienced, professional and certified and are capable of performing any repairs and aircraft maintenance you may need, regardless of size or type. Executive Air offers complete maintenance capabilities for line services, inspections, repairs and support. Whether you are traveling in a single prop, light to heavy private jet Executive Air has the ability to accommodate all your travel needs.  Our technicians dedicate themselves to ensuring your aircraft remains at maximum performance levels with minimum downtime.

Airframe & Engine Capabilities

  •  100hr/Annual/Phase Inspections
  • Engine Bore Scope Inspections
  • Test, Calibrate & Repair Fuel Capacitance Systems
  • Cabin Pressurization Cart
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • Windshield & Window Replacement
  • Prop de-ice boot Replacement
  • STC Mod Installations


Relax and enjoy plush private lounge, executive business center, pilots lounge, theater room, recreational suite. snooze room and complete concierge service.


Our technicians dedicate them self to ensure your aircraft remains at maximum performance level with minimal down time.


At Austin Straubel International Airport clearing customs is quick, safe and hassle free.

Accommodating All Aircraft

Executive Air offers complete capabilities for line services, whether you are traveling in a single prop, light to heavy jet, Executive Air has the ability to accommodate all your travel needs.

Our equipment enables us to service aircraft as large as a Boeing 747 and 777. With a wide- body belt-loader, heavy push-backs, dual-nozzle platform refueler, and huge hangars, Executive Air is ready to accommodate your large aircraft needs.

Large and Small

  • Air and platform stairs
  • Boom, jig, and scissor lifts
  • Belt loader
  • Forklifts: 4K, 6K, 10K, and 25k
  • 400 cycle A/C power
  • Air start units
  • Large tugs
  • B-1 and B-4 stands