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Avionics Solution Center

Our Avionics Team

Our Avionics Team is experienced, professional and certified and will ensure your aircraft to have maximal performance with minimal downtime.

Executive Air avionics technicians are dedicated to providing you with accurate cost estimates, daily updates, as well as getting your aircraft back on-time and ready for dispatch. The stringency of our standards comes from our company’s core values and ongoing commitment to servicing excellence.

Our avionics team is capable of conducting component repairs, inspections, software updates, avionics and autopilot systems troubleshooting, repairs and modifications for all types of aircrafts. 

Avionics Solution Center Hours

Executive Air’s regular avionics department hours are 8am – 4:30pm.  We provide our clients with an on-call technician 24-7.  Please call Executive Air at 920.498.4880.

Avionics Service Center