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Fuel Up With Us

In a world of unpredictable fuel prices, Executive Air gives their clients predictability. You are always in charge. Executive Air’s buying power allows us to extend the value of our low fuel rate on to our customers. Our Contract Fuel Program gives you Predictability to stay within your annual allotted travel budgets.

  • We bring value to our customers
  • Save Costs
  • Provide predictable pricing solutions
  • Capable of fueling small to heavy sized jets

Executive Air has the best Jet A fuel prices in Wisconsin – our prices will be hard to beat anywhere in the Mid West Region!

We extend our low fuel rates for tenant and visiting customers alike.

Executive Air is an Avfuel dealer. Avtrip points are awarded for retail and contract fuel. We also accept contract fuel from Colt, Eastern Aviation inc. and Avfuel. Executive Air accepts the government Multiservice Card. Executive Air has the capability and equipment for fueling small private planes to heavy jets.

Call in advance and ask for volume discounts

Unicom: 122.85
Phone:  920.498.4880

Our consistently lower fuel pricing coupled with the convenience of the AVFUEL Contract Fuel Program makes Executive Air a simple choice.  Our clients have the confidence in knowing they are receiving the best fuel pricing.

At Executive Air you and your aircraft are our top priority. Our certified technicians are here to help with all your fuel needs.

Fuel Types:

  • Jet A
  • AvGAs 100LL (pricing substantially lower than full retail rates)


  • Avfuel Contract
  • Colt
  • CAA
  • World Fuel
  • Eastern Aviation
  • Ascend Fuel
  • VV Air
  • U.S. Government




Relax and enjoy plush private lounge, executive business center, pilots lounge, theater room, recreational suite. snooze room and complete concierge service.


Our technicians dedicate them self to ensure your aircraft remains at maximum performance level with minimal down time.


At Austin Straubel International Airport clearing customs is quick, safe and hassle free.

Maximum Performance Minimal Downtime

Executive Air’s Maintenance Team will ensure your aircraft to have maximal performance with minimal downtime. Executive Air technicians are dedicated to providing you with accurate cost estimates, daily updates, as well as getting your aircraft back on-time and ready for dispatch.

Executive Air’s turbine and piston services

  • Phase inspections
  • Structural repairs
  • Airframe inspections and repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Annuals
  • Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Trouble shooting